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19 years of experience in high frequency welding machine technology

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Address:Zhenjia, Block E, Pingdi cowboy town, Guangfo road, Yanbu Town, Nanhai District,Foshan City



Foshan Zhenjia Mechanial Equipment Co., Led,

Adiadress:2/F,Block E, Pingdiam Denlm City, Yanbu, Dali Town,Nanhai Distriet,

Foshan, Guangdong. P,R, China/Unified Social Credit Code:91440605592123679T


    According to your organization's application, our company carried out audit and certfication in addordance with the requirements for Quality Management System   (GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015),   it accords with the requirements through assessment. The scope of the certified QMS is:



Manufacture and services of high frequency

welding machine and blister sealing machine