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Working Principle Of High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine

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    The working principle of the high-frequency plastic welding machine is that the dielectric material undergoes molecular polarization under the action of the high-frequency electric field, and is arranged in the direction of the electric field. The high-frequency oscillator uses its own high-frequency oscillator to instantly generate thermal energy to fuse the upper and lower molds together. The products produced are firm and beautiful.

    High-frequency plastic welding machines are called high-frequency machines. The main reason is that many years ago, the machines in mainland China were originated from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Hong Kong people call it high-frequency machines, while Taiwanese call it high-frequency or high-frequency machines. Plastic welding machine, so it has evolved into the same machine now has two names. High-frequency refers to electromagnetic waves with a frequency greater than 100Khz. It refers to the high-frequency electromagnetic field (also called high-frequency electromagnetic field) generated by the self-excited oscillator of the high-frequency oscillating tube (also known as the electronic tube). ).

    High-frequency plastic welding machine is a kind of high-frequency, it is mainly used in industry, in terms of power classification: most of the power on the market is between 1.5 kW and 100 kW, of which 4 kW high-frequency machine, 5 kW high-frequency machine, 8 KW kW The high frequency machine is the most versatile model.

General models of high frequency plastic welding machine:

High frequency welding machine

The above is a picture of a common high frequency welding machine

Classification of high frequency plastic welding machine models

    Divided into double-head high-frequency machine, double-head pneumatic high-frequency machine, single-head push-disk high-frequency machine, turntable high-frequency machine, disc three-station high-frequency machine, non-standard high-frequency machine, and now the more popular automatic high-frequency machine (such as picture)

Fully Automatic High Frequency Machine

Picture of Fully Automatic High Frequency Machine

    Full-automatic high-frequency machines are the most popular models in recent years. Because labor is becoming more and more expensive, everyone is relatively pursuing efficiency. Full-automatic high-frequency machines are simple to operate, efficient, cost-saving and labor-saving; our company is in full-automatic high-frequency It has been developed for many years.

    The working principle of high-frequency plastic welding machine is also using a kind of thermal energy, but it is different from ordinary heating machines. The ordinary heating machine relies on the upper die head or the lower die to slowly infiltrate heat to weld together, while the high-frequency plastic welding is Weld together by instant thermal energy, so if the product is pressed by ordinary heating, it will cause the deformation of the pressed plastic product, and the high-frequency plastic welding is cooled by instantaneous heating and instantaneous power failure, so the pressed product is more than Ordinary heating machines are beautiful and generous, and there are some effects that ordinary heating machines cannot achieve, and high-frequency plastic welding machines can achieve them.

    High-frequency plastic welding work must have high-frequency molds. High-frequency molds are made of metal materials. Among them, copper molds are the best, because copper conducts electricity fast and stable, and iron is the worst, because iron is not as conductive as copper. Good, and after heating, iron will rust, so in general, our company recommends not to use iron, steel is better, aluminum is between iron and copper, so generally if there is a mold for upper and lower molding blister, we recommend aluminum. For the lower mold, copper is used as the upper mold, which saves costs and has a good effect. If it is a blister and a paper card, the upper and lower molds can be made of aluminum.

    The high frequency plastic welding machine has many applications, such as blister packaging, blister paper card packaging, PVC soft plastic bags, leather embossing, inflatable toys, car interior sun visors, car mats, electronic packaging, etc.

    Zhenjia brand high-frequency plastic welding machine manufacturer has more than ten years of experience in high-frequency plastic welding machines and has a professional team. If you have any questions about the working principle of high-frequency plastic welding or if you have more inquiries, please call our company.


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