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Principle Of Blister High Frequency Machine

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    The principle of blitser high frequency machine refers to the high frequency electromagnetic field (also known as the electron tube) generated by self-excitation oscillator high frequency electromagnetic field (also known as high frequency electromagnetic field), the processed object is pressed between the upper and lower electrodes of the high frequency electromagnetic field, the internal molecules are intensified and the high speed movement oscillates with each other to generate heat and melt,Under the combination of the machine pressure and mold to achieve plastic fusion, embossing, laminating, etc., blister high frequency machine is mainly suitable for one side of blister and one side of paper card packaging edge sealing, two sides of blister bubble shell bubble cover laminating, our blister high frequency has passed the European Union CE quality certification, good quality assurance, welcome to buy.

Blister high frequency machine:




Automatic blister high frequency welding machine:

    Our company for high frequency machine semi-automatic and fully automatic machine, if the amount is much, we suggest using automatic blister Zhou Boji high, high automatic blister Zhou Boji operation in automatic turntable way, from mould contrapuntal accurate, high frequency, simple manipulation, easy to maintain and maintenance, the machine is equipped with a touch screen control the whole machine movements, the built-in PLC industrial control integrated system,It is easy to change the mechanical control program or extend the functions of other mechanical applications in the future. This system conforms to the application of mechanical operation and is also the trend of modern machinery.

Blister high frequency machine can produce samples:

Warm tips of blister high frequency machine:

    Blister high frequency welding machine if pressure of blister is ordinary PVC material, didn't make too much difference, if pressure is environmental protection material that attention should be paid to best buy material is PETG, if a side pressure packing is blister and paper card sealing, paper card must have oil, (this printer they find clear) if the blister is PVC material,Then the paper card is ordinary blister oil on the line, if the blister is environmentally friendly material, then the paper card must be environmentally friendly oil, otherwise it will not be glued.

Blister high frequency machine mold:

    Blister high frequency machine mold is commonly known as high frequency mold, this machine must have high frequency mold can be normal production, our company in order to better one-stop service to new and old customers, so high frequency mold is our own production, the high frequency mold made smooth, beautiful, practical, specific high frequency mold can be consulted.


Our blister high frequency machine is equipped with high sensitivity fireproof flower protection device, which is of great help to high frequency molds and products.


Blister high frequency machine manufacturer:


    Our company is a professional plastic high frequency machine manufacturers, if the above content can not let you have a good understanding of this machine, please contact us, we will sincerely serve you, our company for all customers who buy our machines have free technical teaching and training of the whole process.