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Principle Of High Frequency Machine

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    Principle of high-frequency machine refers to the high-frequency electromagnetic field (also called high-frequency electromagnetic field) generated by the self-excited oscillator of high-frequency electron tube (also known as oscillating tube). The manufacturer tells him to use a high-frequency machine, and some manufacturers tell him to use a high-frequency machine. So why is it a high-frequency machine, a high-frequency or a high-frequency machine. I will introduce you in detail below.

    In fact, high-frequency and high-frequency machines, high-frequency machines, high-frequency welding machines, high-frequency plastic welding machines, and high-frequency heat-sealing machines are all of the same type of machine. It is called a high-frequency machine, and Taiwanese call it a high-frequency machine, so it has evolved into the current type of machine called a lot. The high-frequency machine is divided into medical and industrial use. High-frequency beauty equipment, etc., and industrial use is mainly used in plastic welding, PU leather, blister packaging, blister and paper card packaging, PVC soft plastic bags, PETG blister sealing, blister cardboard sealing, Car seat cushion, car trademark, welcome to the floor mat, warm water bag, battery packaging and sealing, U disk elevator blister packaging sealing, blister sealing, PVC plastic blister sealing, PVC blister welding, PVC plastic blister Shell welding, high frequency plastic welding, high frequency plastic sealing, double-sided blister sealing, battery blister packaging and sealing, hardware tool sealing, double-sided blister sealing, PVC double-sided blister sealing, double-sided cardboard blister sealing, Cardboard blister sealing, plastic and plastic heat welding, etc.: Please consult Mr. Li, Zhenjia Machinery for specific products that can be pressed by high-frequency machines. The following is a small part of the sample.

The model extruded by the high-frequency machine:

Plastic high frequency machine samples

Plastic high frequency machine samples

High frequency machine samples

Car floor mat samples (high-frequency machine samples)

    Zhenjia Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high-frequency machines. It has more than ten years of experience in the high-frequency welding machine industry. You only need to take your samples and go through our factory. Our factory will provide free training on how to produce according to your products. For the steps of other products, high-frequency welding machine production products also need high-frequency molds (our company produces them), please contact our company for specific inquiries