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Principle of High Frequency Synchronous Fusing Machine

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    The principle of high-frequency synchronous fusing machine refers to the electromagnetic wave higher than the frequency of more than 100Khz, and the high-frequency electromagnetic field (also called high-frequency electromagnetic field) is generated by the self-excited oscillator of the high-frequency oscillation tube (also known as the electronic tube) to make the product weld together. It and the ordinary high-frequency machine It also has the function of high frequency, but also has the function of fusing. The fusing function mentioned here is for non-PVC products, such as leather and leather. This high-frequency synchronous fusing machine can be used to achieve fusion and fusing synchronization.

Picture of high frequency synchronous fusing machine:

high frequency synchronous fusing machine

Picture of high frequency synchronous fusing machine

High frequency synchronous fusing machine:

Two-station high-frequency synchronous fusing machine

Three-station high-frequency synchronous fusing machine

Four-station high-frequency synchronous fusing machine;

High frequency synchronous fusing machine Automation type:

Semi-automatic high frequency synchronous fusing machine

Fully automatic high frequency synchronous fusing machine

Advantages of automatic fusing high frequency machine:

    Its biggest advantage is to improve efficiency and save labor. It is operated by automatic turntable with fuse function, with robot to take out the product, upper and lower molds are accurately aligned, high frequency, easy to understand, easy to maintain and maintain, this machine is equipped with There is a touch screen to control the action of the whole machine, and a built-in PLC industrial control integrated system is convenient for changing the mechanical control program or expanding other mechanical application functions in the future. This system conforms to the mechanical operation application and is also the trend of modern machinery.

Picture of Fully Automatic High Frequency Synchronous Fusing Machine:

High Frequency Synchronous Fusing Machine

Picture of High Frequency Synchronous Fusing Machine

Application scope of high frequency fuse machine:

    High-frequency welding must be processed simultaneously and cut simultaneously. The working principle of the high-frequency synchronous fusing machine is to use high-frequency welding first and then simultaneously cut through the pressure device equipped with the machine. Because it is done at the same time, it is called a high-frequency synchronous fuse. Also known as high-frequency fusing machine, fusing machine, high-frequency synchronous cutting machine, high-frequency cutting machine. It is mainly suitable for sealing packaging of double-sided blister blister made of environmentally friendly materials of APET, PETG, GAG, blister paper card packaging, toothbrush packaging, mobile phone holster/tablet holster one-time forming, leather cushion pressing and cutting forming, and EVA Cloth leather, leather, OPP, PU, watch straps, suspenders, hot water bottles, warm bags and other products that need to be welded and simultaneously melted.

    The high-frequency synchronous fuse machine needs a mold in the production process to produce. Generally, it is recommended to use a professional high-frequency fuse mold, so that the effect of the press is beautiful. For the specific principle of the high-frequency synchronous fuse machine and the products that need to be made, please consult our company.