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Principle Of High Frequency Heat Sealing Machine

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    High-frequency heat sealing machine is a high-frequency equipment, also known as high-frequency machine, high-frequency machine, high-frequency welding machine, high-frequency plastic welding machine, high-frequency heat sealing machine is the first choice for plastic heat sealing. . The object to be processed is pressed between the upper and lower electrodes of the high-frequency electromagnetic field, and the dielectric material undergoes molecular polarization under the action of the high-frequency electric field, and is arranged in the direction of the electric field. Due to the high-frequency electric field, the direction changes at a very fast speed. , The internal molecules of the dielectric material are excited and move at high speed to rub against each other to generate heat, and achieve the purpose of welding or embossing under the pressure of the mold. The main models include high-frequency synchronous fusing machine, single-head push plate high-frequency machine, single-head turntable high-frequency machine, etc.

Among the models of high-frequency heat sealing machine (single-head push plate high-frequency machine)High frequency push plate heat sealing machine

Application scope of high frequency heat sealing machine:

    It is mainly used for forming various plastic products, and automatically trimming different shapes of blister or blister. Suitable for PVC double-sided blister sealing, blister and paper card sealing, environmental protection APET film folding, soft line indentation and punching forming, environmental protection APET double-sided blister sealing contract, trimming, special material sealing. Blister packaging (including upper and lower blister heat sealing and trimming, blister and cardboard heat sealing and trimming). Car interior parts, trademarks, stationery boxes, raincoats, inflatable toys, plastic covers, cooling fluid cushions, footwear products, cushions, various packaging bags, hand-held soft, etc., heat-sealing processing, various patterns and patterns of concave and convex shapes, Suppression of alphabetic characters.

Among the models of high-frequency heat sealing machine (High frequency synchronous fusing machine)

High frequency synchronous fusing machine

    Zhenjia Machinery launched the single-head push plate type of high frequency heat sealing machine, which is pneumatic direct pressure, pneumatically controlled, high-frequency instant penetration heat welding and welding. This machine has two work stations. The operator only needs to discharge and take the material, and the heat is cut off. Perfect, fast, efficient, and good craftsmanship. The high-sensitivity American original spark double-tube protection device can effectively protect the mold and product defects, thereby greatly reducing the probability of mold burnout, and greatly extending the life of the machine and reducing machine failures. It is the first-choice equipment for heat-sealing and welding of plastics and plastic products, and is your trusted manufacturer of high-frequency heat-sealing machines.

    If your product is not clear about which model it is suitable for, you can contact Mr. Li from Zhenjia Machinery Technology Department, and our company will introduce you to the model and power most suitable for your product. Our company will serve you wholeheartedly.