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The Difference Between The Principle Of High Frequency Machine And The Principle Of Ultrasonic

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    Generally speaking, if you have an understanding of high frequency, you will hear ultrasound. What is the difference between the principle of high frequency and the principle of ultrasound? Below I will give you an analysis.

    The high-frequency principle uses high-frequency waves higher than 100KHZ to work. It generates high-frequency electromagnetic fields (also called high-frequency electromagnetic fields) through a high-frequency oscillator tube (also known as an electronic tube) self-excited oscillator, and ultrasonic waves generally use a frequency of 20KHZ or 15KHZ It works by vibrating head friction. Because their bands are different, the products they press are also different. For example, high-frequency plastic welding machines are mainly used for soft plastic materials and leather containing 10% PVC. And so on, but the ultrasonic machine is mainly used for welding hard plastics, the best welding products are injection molded hard plastics, and the best welding is ABS.

    There are several names for high-frequency plastic welding machines in China. The mainland is usually called high-frequency machines and high-frequency heat-sealing machines, Hong Kong compatriots are usually called voltage machines, and Taiwan compatriots are called high-frequency machines. In fact, they are all kinds of machines, but they are called differently. The working cycle frequency of the machine is between 27.12 and 40.68MHZ, so it is called a high-frequency machine or a high-frequency machine. The high-frequency machine is widely used in the field of plastic welding. It can weld or fuse PVC, PET, TPU, PE and other polymer environmentally friendly materials. Various products, such as blister packaging and sealing, single-sided blister and cardboard heat sealing, luggage and shoes and other leather embossing, embossing and embossing patterns, stationery boxes, PVC documents, rain Sails, umbrellas, raincoats, water beds, inflatable toys, soft film ceilings, PVC tents, various packaging bags, ice coolers, hot water bottles, portable PVC soft bags, hemodialysis bags, car sun visors, door panels, interior parts, Foot pads, high-end mobile phone leather goods, motorcycle seat cushions, high-frequency vacuum toilet seat cushions, underwear TPU magnetic bags, medical supplies, etc. Therefore, high-frequency machinery specializes in high-tech technology for the above products and related similar products or industries.

Picture of Double-head High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine

Picture of Double-head High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine

    There are many types of ultrasound. For example, there are ultrasonic B-ultrasound machines for medical use, ultrasonic beauty machines, and ultrasonic welding machines for industrial use (such as those produced by our company are for industrial use) as shown below:

Picture of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

    Ultrasonic welding machine is mainly used to weld the injection molded parts, so that the two are welded together. Generally, the injection molded product needs to be made with an ultrasonic line, so that the product welded by ultrasonic is strong and beautiful, and can achieve waterproof and gas-proof effects. , Ultrasonic welding machines are mainly used in the electronics industry for chargers, batteries, baby bottles and other industries.