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High Frequency Welding Machine cannot Heat Bonding

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      Do you know the reason why the high frequency heat bonding machine cannot heat bonding?


          High frequency heat bonding machine uses the principle of dielectric polarization by high frequency electric field to heat bonding. The advantages are uniform heat, reliable adhesion, no carbonization phenomenon, packaging industry is the most commonly used packaging equipment. High frequency heat bonding machine is a kind of high frequency equipment, also known as high frequency machine or high frequency welding machine. In the use of high frequency machine work, there will be a variety of problems, resulting in the machine can not work normally. So how to solve these common problems! I hope this will help you.


Causes and troubleshooting of high frequency heat bonding machine:
1. open the power supply, to hear the high frequency heat bonding mechanical and electrical source of low frequency transformer "buzzing" sound, touch the automatic micro switch, electromagnetic valve can suck, open the cover and found the tube filament reddish, low voltage measure the voltage is normal, judging from the "buzzing" sound may load may break, measuring high voltage rectifier circuit, there are two high voltage rectifier silicon particles breakdown, Two silicon particles with 20KV pressure can be used for normal thermal production after replacement, that is, troubleshooting.
2. high frequency welder boot power lights, heat-sealing solenoid valve can suck, but not a thermal, open to measure high voltage rectifier circuit is normal, the filter inductance is no problem, tube filament brightness, normal fault is concentrated in the rc oscillation circuit, power measuring grid resistance is normal, measuring two high pressure oscillation capacitor leakage phenomenon has appeared, shows that oscillation condition, The capacitor is broken down and the high frequency electric field cannot be generated. After the voltage capacitor is replaced, the high frequency heat bonding machine is normal, that is, the fault is removed. The above is the troubleshooting and troubleshooting of the two fault phenomena of the high frequency heat bonding machine
3. The electron tube of the high frequency heat mixer is not bright, please change the electron tube.
4. high frequency heat bonding machine resistance breakdown, please change the resistance.


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