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How To Buy And Choose a High Frequency Welding Machine

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       How to buy a high frequency welding machine? I believe this is something that all buyers in the market will encounter. Let's talk about the precautions for purchasing high frequency machines.

Double Heads High Frequency Welding Machinesingle head high frequency welding machineAutomatic High Frequency Welding Machine

Usually high-frequency machines on the market are divided into double-head high-frequency welding machines, single-head high-frequency welding machines, synchronous fuse high-frequency machines, and automatic turntable high-frequency machines; from the power points, the most on the market are 5kW high-frequency machines, 8 kW high-frequency machines, and 10 kW high-frequency machines. , 12kW high-frequency machine, 15kw high-frequency welding machine, 25kw high-frequency machine, 35kw high-frequency machine, 100kw high-frequency machine, etc. 

Synchronous fuse high frequency machinePush disk high frequency welding machineLarge high frequency welding machine


There must be many friends who ask me how to choose?

1. First look at what kind of products you are making. If you are making blister packaging products, you should first choose a fully automatic blister packaging high-frequency machine, because it is fast in efficiency, saves labor, and saves costs in the long run. . The pressed products are as follows:

High frequency welding machine samples


(1).The selected models are as follows:

Full automatic high frequency welding machine



(2).If it is a new entrepreneur with some lack of funds, you can choose a high-frequency machine with a single-head turntable, but if the business is good, everyone still chooses the automatic high-frequency machine above.

 Three-station disc high-frequency welding machineTurntable High Frequency Welding Machine


(3).If you are pressing the environmental protection PET material to cut the edge, and the product of the mobile phone leather case, please use the following synchronous fuse rack. The best difference between our company and other manufacturers is that we use PLC control, which makes the operation better and more automatic.

High frequency synchronous fusing machine


(4).If you are pressing LOGO, PVC plastic bags, and small products, please use a double-head high-frequency machine, as shown below:

Hydraulic high frequency welding machine

(5).If your product is relatively large, you should consider using a large high-frequency machine, a high-power high-frequency machine, etc., as shown below:

 High power high frequency welding machine

2.After the purchase and selection of the model, they will have concerns that there are many high-frequency machines in the market, and the prices are also inconsistent. How should they choose? First of all, you should choose a regular manufacturer, because there are many agents, if you have any technical problems, they are not clear, and because they have no advantages, so which one is cheaper to buy, or even sell refurbished machines. High frequency welding machine manufacturers

High frequency welding machine factory


3.And you have to see if they are a factory that keeps promises and integrity

High frequency machine manufacturer integrity certificate

4.CE certificate

High frequency welding machine CE certificate


For more questions about how to choose a high frequency machine, please consult our factory +8613923172919 Lina

5.Recommended model


Automatic high frequency welding machine

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