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Difference between high frequency fusing machine and high frequency welding machine

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          Do you know the difference of High frequency fusing machine & High frequency welding machine?


          The similarity between high frequency fusing machine and high frequency welding machine is that they both have fuse function.

          The difference between high frequency fusing machine and high frequency welding machine is the difference of high frequency pressure and output mode.

          High frequency welding machine adopts high frequency principle and cylinder pressure, general pressure is not big, because it is pressure and high frequency output at the same time,  so only suitable for product welding, sealing, embossing and pure PVC material welding and fusing.

          And the high frequency fusing machine adopts pressure several tons or dozens of tons of pressurized cylinder pressure, two stage output, first welded to complete and then increase the pressure down. So the high frequency fusing machine is suitable for the products that need to be fused and cut, such as environmental protection materials, toothbrush, shoe materials, mobile phone holster, paper card blister packaging cutting edge and so on, and synchronous molding products of leather and cloth products.



Features of High frequency fusing machine:

      1. The left and right two-way automatic sliding platform pushes the mold continuously and have efficient operation.

      2. Welding and cutting only need one time, leather paper plastic cutting edge smooth.

      3. Taiwan motor drive and straight rail, accurate position positioning.

      4. Adopt high density 5557 fireproof flower protection device.



Application of High frequency fusing machine: 

1. Toothbrush, blister card packaging, paper card blister synchronous fuse.

2. APET, PET, PETG environmental protection material double-sided blister shell packaging.

3. APET, PET, PETG, PE, PP environmental protection materials folding box press cutting.

4. Synthetic fabric leather isobaric trimming.

5. All kinds of difficult materials are fused and broken.

high frequency fusing machine



Features of High frequency welding machine:

1. high sensitivity, the original two pipe spark protection device, can effectively protect the mold and the product defects, which greatly reduces the chances of burn out mould, uses the international big brand original OMROM (omron) relay and authentic Taiwan CKC time system, can guarantee the frequency of the machine for a long time work, and greatly prolong the life of the machine, cut machine failure.

2. high frequency current regulation using stepless electrode regulation, easy to learn.

3. with high frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device, to minimize high frequency interference.

4. automatic overcurrent protection system, increase the service life of vacuum tube, protect the mold.

5. the imported fan, the wind is bigger and more stable, so that the service life of vacuum tube is longer.


Application of High frequency welding machine: 

1. Edge sealing of two pieces of blister shell
2. Welding of synthetic leather, sunshade and other products
3. One side blister bubble shell and one side paper card sealing edge sealing.
4. Leather parts, trademarks, watch bands, CD bags, folding boxes, pressing line leather embossing

high frequency welding machine



          Generally speaking, the products high frequency welding machine press, the high frequency fusing machine can also press, but high frequency fusing machine can not only welding, cutting functions concurrently at the same time, reduce the complicated production process.

          For example, your pressure products need to cut the choice of equipment is high frequency welding machine, then you need to use special cutting equipment after pressing the product to cut the product, not only labor but also a waste of time.

          And the high frequency fusing machine is synchronous molding equipment, can press the product and cut at the same time, improve the production efficiency. But if you use high frequency welding machine can press things, so you do not need to use high frequency fusing machine, because high frequency fusing machine is more expensive than high frequency weldinhg machine.

          The specific choice of what kind of machine mainly depends on your products and your requirements. If you want to know more about the machine, please contact: +86 18688277195.

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