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High Frequency Welding Machine Maintenance

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          The maintenance of high frequency welding machine is a very important thing. If the machine has not been used for a long time, you need to pay attention to some precautions when restarting the machine, otherwise the machine is prone to problems. In order to avoid or reduce the occurrence of high frequency welding machine failure, our company summarizes the following measures for the maintenance of high frequency machine:



Maintenance of High Frequency Welding Machine:

         High Frequency Welding Machine is most afraid of dust, moisture and the sun. So High Frequency Welding Machine should be kept in dry places, not in wet place and not put in direct sunlight for a long time, and regularly add lubricating oil in the machine parts, galvanized steel sheet on the part of the spray anti-rust oil to prevent damp long embroider, wipe clean and excess oil, put the filtered water, inside the machine and oscillation with air gun barrels blowing clean.

Operation steps:

         1. Clean the machine first.
         2. Because there are high voltage power supply and high voltage capacitor in the High Frequency Welding Machine, please turn off the power switch first during maintenance.
         3. Check whether there are sundries in the oscillating barrel of the high frequency oscillator, and blow away the dust and sundries in the oscillating barrel with dry compressed air.
         4. Pay attention to the position of the transformer for water. If there is water, be sure to wipe it clean, and blow it dry with a cold air blower, so as not to burn out the transformer because of water.
         5. Check whether the air inlet of the fan is blocked by objects. If there are articles covered by the case will make the machine heat dissipation is not smooth and cause the machine inside things burn out.
         6. Pay attention to whether the screw is loose resulting in the misaction of the detection switch (travel switch) shift (or the high frequency machine does not work).
         7. Pay attention to the High Frequency Welding Machine after starting must be at least half an hour before starting to work, because this can make the machine inside the High frequency electronic oscillating tube (see the picture below) more durable, so that other accessories in the high frequency machine is also more durable.

(High frequency electronic oscillating tube)


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