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Performance comparison of pneumatic high frequency machine and oil pressure high frequency machine

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          Pneumatic high frequency machine and oil pressure high frequency machine are double station machine, so do you understand what is the difference between them?


The following comparison will help you find the right machine for your product.

          1.Pneumatic high frequency machine is suitable for PVC bag sealing, and two blister bubble cover edge sealing, one blister bubble shell and one paper card edge sealing, it can meet the general product demand.

           The maximum pressure of oil pressure frequency machine can reach 3-4 tons, especially suitable for thick material and products that difficult to weld, such as sneakers, leather embodiments, etc..


2.Pneumatic high frequency machine performance characteristics:

     (1).Pneumatic device can save time and effort, good consistency, easy to operate.

     (2). The machine adopts high sensitivity spark preventer to effectively prevent mold damage.

     (3). High precision temperature control to ensure welding consistency.

     (4). Imported high quality electrical components, stable and durable.

     (5). High Q value oscillating tube, stable and reliable output.

Pneumatic high frequency machine

(Pneumatic high frequency machine)


3.Oil pressure high frequency machine performance characteristics:

     (1). High sensitivity spark overcurrent protection circuit. It can effectively cut off the damage of the main engine due to high current output and suppress sparks.

     (2). Equipped with high frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device to minimize high frequency interference.

     (3). Stepless adjustment of head stroke, the maximum pressure of special mechanical pedal mechanism can reach 500KG.

     (4). According to the processing needs, choose pneumatic pressure mode, reduce the working intensity, improve the quality of voltage products.

     (5). Stepless heating system for higher working efficiency.

     (6). Automatic overcurrent protection system, increase the service life of vacuum tube, protect the mold.

oil pressure high frequency machine

(Oil presure high frequency machine)


         4.Double head pneumatic high frequency machine and double head oil pressure high frequency machine both are the same place is with high frequency function, and both are two stations.

         If the pressure requirements are not large, it is recommended to use the double head pneumatic high welding machine, because its price will be cheaper than the double head oil pressure high welding machine. Second, the speed of the pneumatic high frequency machine is also faster than the oil pressure high welding machine. But if it is the case of large pressure requirements, please use the double head oil pressure high frequency machine, because the pneumatic high frequency machine can not get the effect you need.


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