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High frequency operation matters

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   High frequency machine also known as high frequency plastic welding machine, high frequency welding machine, high frequency thermal bonding machine and so on. 


Knowing these precautions, your high frequency machine will last longer.

high frequency welding machine

        1.The ground wire must be correctly connected before high frequency operation, which is conducive to the protection of current loop and equipment for personal safety. Do not wear slippers and wet hands during high frequency operation, otherwise it will cause large static electricity. The two ends of the upper and lower electrodes of the machine, or between the upper and lower molds of the machine must be insulated or working parts, not directly touch together.

        2.High frequency in each startup, generally need to wait 5-15 minutes, and then start the operation of high frequency. In this way, the electronic vacuum tube of high frequency welding machine is preheated and the service life of vacuum tube is protected. If the interval is too long, please preheat for at least 30 minutes, then start to operate the high frequency machine.(This is a picture of a electronic vacuum tube.)

electronic vacuum tube

        3.If the high frequency machine sparks, first check whether the mold is smooth, if the mold is not smooth, please pad it, or let the high frequency mold manufacturer flatten it, or adjust the balance screw of the mold, it flatten it. Then check the smoothness of the workpiece, whether the workbench is clean. Next check the insulation material is intact or not, once found damaged, burned out, breakdown of the place, please immediately replace the insulation material, prevent direct contact between the upper and lower electrodes, can avoid damage to the machine, mold and workpiece. If there is a spark, remember to wipe the black area of the mold and scrape it, this will reduce the chance of repeated spark.

        4.When the output of high frequency, remember not to directly touch the machine's upper electrode output end (that is, the welding machine upper mold) and output copper, as well as the whole head of the high frequency band metal. Do not use multimeter, test meter, other low frequency, low voltage instrument, try to directly measure the upper pole output end, this will lead to accidents.

        5.High frequency machine in operation, high energy heat generated in vacuum tubes, so the high frequency cannot be put in by the machine can produce high fever, or higher temperature scope of other space, also not suitable to put in the place that the sun direct illuminate, so the environment is not conducive to heat dissipation for high frequency of the vacuum tube, so it is not recommended to place. Please place in ventilated and clean environment, which can make the machine life longer.

        6.After the end of the high frequency work, we should first turn off the machine and then turn off the main switch, so that the fan blows for a long time, so that the heat dissipation inside the box disperses quickly, and protect the electronic tubes and electrical appliances inside the machine.

        7.When the high frequency machine is turned on, the sound of fan rotation can be heard. If you do not hear the sound of the fan, please turn off the main switch immediately and arrange technical maintenance immediately. Because the high frequency tube needs heat dissipation, if the heat dissipation is not enough, the high frequency tube will be damaged.


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