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Does High Frequency Welding Machine Affect Human Body?

Article source:https://www.zhenjiamachine.com/case/example_of_case/259.htmlClick on:5Time:2022-07-16

        Does high frequency welding machine affect human body? This is the customer in the use of high frequency machine will often put forward the question. According to our more than ten years of experience in high frequency welding machine and customer feedback, we have not found that high frequency welding machine causes great harm to human body.


           Generally high frequency welding machine has radiation, but the low radiation has little harm to human body, such as our mobile phones is a tiny radiation, but as long as the normal use, generally is nothing. But the radiation field is more than 100 more than it has great harm to people, radiation depends on the structure of the machine, the size of the mechanical design of grounding and shielding device. Our automatic high frequency welding machine has passed the CE quality export certification, the machine radiation is small. ( CE certificate is shown below. )


           Choosing a good machine can greatly reduce the harm of high frequency welding machine to human body, and the high frequency welding machine of our company is of good quality, low radiation and high cost performance. If you want to know more about high frequency machines, you can contact: +86 18688277195.