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Causes and solutions of high-frequency welding machine sparking

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The biggest headache for people who have used high-frequency machines is the ignition of high-frequency molds. There are several reasons for the ignition of high-frequency molds:

1. The contact between the mold of the high frequency machine and the material is not adjusted and balanced, resulting in uneven pressure.

2. The coherent of the high-frequency machine to adjust the current is adjusted too large.

3. The insulating material of the high-frequency mold has been damaged or aged.

4. The thickness of the material produced is uneven, and the greater the work difference, the greater the chance of sparking.

5. The material is not suitable for high frequency machine production welding.

6. The high-frequency machine is not equipped with a high-sensitivity anti-spark protection device.


How to deal with the high frequency machine after ignition

1. The die head of the high-frequency machine has four large balanced screws. Adjust these four screws so that the upper plate of the machine is flush with the mold.

2. Every time you change a new mold, you need to adjust the coherent of the high-frequency machine to adjust the current to the minimum, and then slowly adjust it to the appropriate scale, then it can be used normally.

3. If the insulating material of the high frequency mold is damaged or aging, please replace it in time. If you will not replace it yourself, you can contact us for technical support.

4. Please order materials with the same thickness and ensure that the materials are not dirty.

5. Some materials are not suitable for high-frequency machine production welding. There are some materials that are easier to conduct electricity to see if you can find more suitable materials for high-frequency machines for packaging.

6. Please install a high-inspiration spark protection device in the high-frequency machine. For example, our Zhenjia brand single-head push plate high-frequency machine, turntable-type high-frequency machine, and disc-type high-frequency machine all adopt the American double-pipe spark protection device, which will greatly reduce the probability of high-frequency machine ignition.

7. Use a clean cloth dipped in alcohol or thinner to wipe the burnt areas of the high-frequency upper and lower molds, and then use a blade to scrape off the coke of the high-frequency lower molds, and then paste the special high-temperature tape for the high-frequency molds to produce normally. If the high-frequency upper and lower molds have been burned through or burned out, it is necessary to repair welding and replace the insulating material.

8. If the lower mold has been burnt black and has a hole, then the insulating plate must be replaced to make the black area cleaner.