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High Frequency Synchronous Fusing Machine

High Frequency Synchronous Fusing Machine

Heating method: High frequency


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Synchronous Sliding Table Fusing Machine

Synchronous Sliding Table Fusing Machine. The cut edges of this machine are smoother and more beautiful than ordinary high-frequency machines. You don’t need to tear them out by hand. For packages that cannot be punched out with ordinary high-frequency machines, this machine has the best effect. This machine uses Taiwan. The motor automatically enters and exits the plate without pushing it by hand, and the positioning is more uniform, the upper and lower molds are accurately aligned, high-frequency, simple and easy to understand, easy to maintain and maintain, the mold used in this machine has a special high-frequency fuse mold.

Synchronous Sliding Table Fusing Machine is Automatic, easy to operate, automatically align the mold, make the product more refined .


The High frequency pvc welding and cutting sealing machine is used High-frequency current adjustment uses stepless electrode adjustment, which is simple and easy to learn.


Equipped with high-frequency frequency stabilizer and high-frequency shielding device to minimize high-frequency interference.


The automatic overcurrent protection system increases the service life of the vacuum tube and protects the mold.


Imported fan, the wind is bigger and more stable, so that the service life of the vacuum tube is longer.


Synchronous Sliding Table Fusing Machine Electronic oscillator

  The filament of the electronic oscillation tube in our company's high-frequency barrel adopts high-quality filaments imported from Austria.

Its main feature is stable performance, the machine can stably provide energy during the working process; secondly, the service life is longer, and the stable performance can ensure that the oscillation tube in the high-frequency barrel reduces damage due to other reasons, and the material used is more excellent. Moreover, the work efficiency is better, the stable performance and the excellent material can effectively conduct energy, making the machine work more efficiently.

The electronic oscillator in a high-frequency machine is like the CPU in a computer. An excellent core can often support the heavy load of a machine.


Synchronous Sliding Table Fusing Machine PLC

The PLC is equipped to adjust the temperature and heating time of the machine more clearly and quickly, which is very convenient and quick. Moreover, when the machine fails, the PLC can also quickly indicate what failure has occurred, which is conducive to maintenance.

It can be said that after the PLC is installed, the machine can be used to work more comprehensively.


Synchronous Sliding Table Fusing Machine Parameter


Synchronous Sliding Table Fusing Machine Mould

The Synchronous Sliding Table Fusing Machine mold used by the machine will be customized according to the customer's product and the type of machine.

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Synchronous Sliding Table Fusing Machine production sample

Applicable material:PVC,PU,TPU,PE,PET,PETG,APET, etc.

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The machine will have different styles or powers according to the products produced. If you have any questions, please consult us. We will configure the machine according to your product.

About us

Zhenjia Machinery Co. ,Limited has specialized in high frequency welding machine and automatic equipment technology for 19 years,we are a mainly of Research and development,Producing,sales and after- sales manufacturers.

We have high -precision molds CNC processing machine and other equipment for customers to produce high frequency mold,ultrasonic mold and blister bakelite molds superior services.

Our cooperation manufacturers have Hisense,Shenzhen DJI- Innovations,Foshan Electrical lighting Company and other well-known enterprise.

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After-sales service

Our company will provide machine warranty and various after-sales services.

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Packaging and shipping

In order to ensure that the machine is not damaged during transportation, we will pack the machine safely. And how the machine will be transported to the customer's hand. “Click here” for details.


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