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19 years of experience in high frequency welding machine technology

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Address:Zhenjia, Block E, Pingdi cowboy town, Guangfo road, Yanbu Town, Nanhai District,Foshan City

About us

    Foshan Zhenjia Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales of high-frequency welding machines, blister packaging machines, and ultrasonic welding machines. Our company is an old brand that has been engaged in the machinery industry for more than ten years. , The registered trademark is "Zhenjia", high-frequency equipment is exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, Nepal and other countries and regions. Sales and technical service departments have been established in Foshan, Zhongshan, Chongqing, Wuhan and other cities in China. There are professional maintenance partners all over the country, which can better serve customers all over the country, and are equipped with product showrooms, mold workshops (such as: high-frequency molds, plastic bakelite molds, ultrasonic molds), technical engineers, etc. The user provides services such as pre-sale board printing, after-sales door-to-door repair of high-frequency machines and other services. Our machines have passed the EU CE export quality certification (see the picture below). Welcome to consult and negotiate.

High Frequency Quality Certificate

High Frequency Quality Export Certificate

    The company’s main business: high-frequency, high-frequency machine, high-frequency equipment, high-frequency machine, high-frequency machinery, high-frequency plastic welding machine, high-frequency welding machine, high-frequency fusing machine, high-frequency synchronous fusing machine, synchronous high-frequency fusing machine, large high-frequency machine, small high-frequency machine, all Automatic high-frequency machine, automatic high-frequency scar machine, blister high-frequency machine, high frequency machine, high frequency heat sealing machine, high frequency plastic welding machine, blister packaging machine, blister sealing machine, blister heat sealing machine, heat sealing packaging machine, Heat sealing machine, high frequency welding machine, high frequency plastic welding machine, high frequency heat sealing machine, high frequency welding machine, high frequency plastic welding machine, rotary high frequency machine, high frequency packaging machine, PVC plastic welding machine, plastic welding machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, Ultrasonic plastic welding machine, plastic packaging manufacturer, semi-automatic blister packaging machine, Foshan high frequency, Foshan high frequency blister packaging machine, high frequency blister packaging machine, paper plastic packaging machine, paper plastic sealing machine, automatic blister packaging machine, high frequency Machine parts, high-frequency machine parts, electronic tubes, capacitors and other products.

    The following are real shots of our factory. Welcome customers to consult and negotiate with our company.

High frequency manufacturers

    In addition, the company's mold department is equipped with CNC, lathes, milling machines, automatic engraving machines, wire cutting machines, frequency measuring instruments for ultrasonic molds and other modern machinery and equipment to provide customers with high-precision, long-life matching molds: high-frequency molds, blister Bakelite molds, ultrasonic molds, mobile phone holster molds, high-frequency fuse molds; partner manufacturers include Foshan Lighting, Yajie Hardware, Hengjie Sanitary Ware, Keer Toys, Rifeng Sanitary Ware, Zhencai Stationery, customers only need to provide samples, our company will Provide customers with free boarding, teach the whole process of operating the product, and promise the equipment: one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.