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 Blister Packaging Machine

Blister Packaging Machine

Blister Packaging Machine mainly used for heat-sealing packaging of blister shells and paper cards, suitable for blister sealing packaging of various exquisite toys, stationery, batteries, food, daily necessities, and small tools to make the packaged items moisture-proof, crystal clear, beautiful, and improve Product grade.

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      Blister Packaging Machine mainly used for heat-sealing packaging of blister shells and paper cards, and the price of blister packaging machine is cheaper.

 Blister Packing Machine Picture


Blister Packaging Machine Parameter

 Blister Packing Machine Parameter


Blister Packaging Machine Mould

 Blister Packing Machine Mould

The mold used by the machine will be customized according to the customer's product and the type of machine.

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 Blister Packaging Machine production sample

Applicable material:PVC,PU,TPU,PE,PET,PETG,APET, etc.

 Machine production sample

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The machine will have different styles or powers according to the products produced. If you have any questions, please consult us. We will configure the machine according to your product.

 Blister PackagingMachine About us

Factory pictures

Zhenjia Machinery Co. ,Limited has specialized in  Blister PackagingMachine  and automatic equipment technology for 19 years,we are a mainly of Research and development,Producing,sales and after- sales manufacturers.

We have  Blister Packaging Machine molds CNC processing machine and other equipment for customers to produce  Blister Packaging mold,ultrasonic mold and blister bakelite molds superior services.

Our cooperation manufacturers have Hisense,Shenzhen DJI- Innovations,Foshan Electrical lighting Company and other well-known enterprise.

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 Blister PackagingMachine After-sales service

Our company will provide machine warranty and various after-sales services.

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Contact details

Mobile/whatsapp number:+86 18688277195  


 Blister Packaging MachinePackaging and shipping

In order to ensure that the blister packaging machine is not damaged during transportation, we will pack the machine safely. And how the machine will be transported to the customer's hand. “Click here” for details.


Blister Packing Machine