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High frequency welding machine manufacturer group activities

Article source:https://www.zhenjiamachine.com/news/63.htmlClick on:123Time:2021-08-10

       Company rule: when you work, you must work hard, but when you play, you must have fun.As an employee of a high-frequency welding machine manufacturer, today's activity is different from the previous one. all of us must wear camouflage clothes and challenge one project after another. Although there will be some difficulty, we are all very happy.Before the activity, take a group photo, please see the picture below:

High frequency welding machine manufacturer team activities

       The coach knew that we were from a high frequency welding machine manufacturer, so the first thing was to match our efficiency, the time to return to the team, all of us were very nervous, trying to do our best, the following is our return photos

HF welding machine factory team activities


       Coach questions to us a lot of knowledge,high frequency welding machine suitable in what products, Liky fastest response, answer high frequency welding machine suitable for blister packaging of PVC material, PVC bag sealing, PET sealing, water bottle, LOGO, embossed leather, clothing embossed, it seems that she study hard for the recent product effect is well.

high frequency welder team activities


    This time, we played a lot of projects, so that our team spirit is better, thank the company for giving us the opportunity to learn, but also wish our high fruquency welding machine manufacturers better, wish our customers a prosperous business.