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Causes and solutions for tripping of high-frequency machines

Article source:https://www.zhenjiamachine.com/news//34.htmlClick on:145Time:2021-08-11

The reason and solution for high-frequency machine tripping is something that high-frequency maintenance sometimes encounters, because if the weather is humid, mechanical aging, parts damage and other faults will cause the high-frequency machine to trip, then what is the reason for the high-frequency machine to trip? Introduce the reasons and solutions for the tripping of the high-frequency machine:


1. Leakage of high frequency machine will also cause tripping, such as leakage of heating part, leakage of fan, etc.

2. Resistance breakdown.

3. The rectifier block is short-circuited.

4. If the leakage switch is broken, it will trip.

5. The leakage switch with too small ampere will also trip.

6. The tube is old and broken, and the inside is short-circuited.

7. The transformer is burnt.

8. Will the AC contactor be sucked down more often? If not, the AC contactor will be replaced.




Precautions for maintenance of high-frequency machine tripping:

1. When opening the case of the high-frequency machine, remember to cut off the power supply, otherwise the power supply inside will have high voltage to avoid danger.

2. If you want to repair the things in the electric box of the machine, if you don't have electrician knowledge, it is recommended not to try, so as not to cause danger.