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Matters needing attention in the operation of high frequency machines

Article source:https://www.zhenjiamachine.com/news//33.htmlClick on:144Time:2021-08-11

      Precautions for high-frequency operation. Our company will list some precautions that often occur when operating the high-frequency machine. Please use the following methods. This will make your high-frequency machine have a longer life, and the operation process will be smoother, greatly reducing the impact Probability of fire.


1. The ground wire must be correctly connected before high-frequency operation, which is beneficial to the circuit loop and the protection of personal safety of high-frequency welding equipment. During high-frequency operation, do not wear slippers and avoid working with wet hands, otherwise it will cause greater static electricity.
There must be insulation or working parts between the upper and lower electrodes of the machine, or between the upper and lower molds of the machine. They must not be directly touched. That is, when the working parts leave the machine, the upper and lower electrodes or the upper and lower molds must not be in direct contact.


2. Each time the high-frequency machine starts to work, it generally needs to wait for 5-15 minutes before starting the high-frequency operation, mainly for preheating the electronic vacuum tube of the high-frequency welding machine to protect the service life of the vacuum tube. If it is too long to use, please warm up for at least 30 minutes, and then start to operate the high-frequency machine, which can better protect the high-frequency tube.


3. If the high-frequency machine sparks, first check whether the mold is flat and smooth. If the mold is not flat, please level it, or adjust the balance screw of the mold, adjust it and level it, and then check the flatness of the processed part. Whether the work surface is clean, and then whether the insulating material is intact. Once you find any damaged, burned, or punctured place, please replace the insulating material immediately to prevent direct contact between the upper and lower electrodes to avoid damage to the machine, machine molds and processed parts; If there has been a big fire, wipe the burnt part of the mold and scrape it clean, so as to reduce the chance of non-stop lighting.


4. When outputting high frequency, remember not to directly touch the upper electrode output end of the machine (that is, the upper die of the welding machine) and the output copper sheet, the whole head of the high frequency with metal, and do not use universal meters, test meters, or other low frequency , Low-voltage instruments, try to directly measure the output of the upper pole, which will cause accidents, which is an extremely incorrect operation method of the high-cycle heat sealing machine.


5. When the high-frequency machine is in operation, the electronic vacuum tube generates high-energy heat. Therefore, the high-frequency wave cannot be placed next to the machine that generates high heat, or in a space with high temperature, and it is not suitable to be placed in a place directly exposed to the sun. An important component of the vacuum tube, there will be great factors that are not conducive to heat dissipation. Please put it in a ventilated, clean environment, which can make the life of the machine longer.


6. High-frequency processing parts should be free of moisture and dust as much as possible, and they should be clean and dry, otherwise the machine will easily lead to fire. In humid weather, it is best to open the case (remember to turn off the main switch when opening the case. In order to avoid the transformer high-voltage electric shock accident), and then see if there is any moisture in the transformer. If there is moisture, wipe the moisture of the transformer and use a hair dryer to dry it.


7. After the high-frequency work is over, turn off the machine first and then turn off the main switch. This is to allow the fan to blow for a longer time, so that the heat dissipation in the case can be faster and protect the electronic tubes and electrical appliances in the machine.


8. When the machine of the high frequency machine is turned on, you will hear the sound of the fan rotating. If you do not hear the sound of the fan as soon as it is turned on, please turn off the main switch immediately and arrange for technical maintenance immediately, because the high-frequency electronic tube needs heat dissipation. If it is not enough, it will damage the high-frequency tube.


9. High-frequency every half a month, please turn off the power after finishing the work and use the air gun to clean the dust inside the machine, and also blow inside the high-frequency barrel, which can greatly reduce the dust in the barrel and cause spark protection. And use a cloth to clean the surface of the machine and clean the debris under the machine table. Do not wipe with a damp cloth, and do not place conductive objects on the machine table. Finally turn off the main switch.


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