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How does the blister packaging machine avoid the phenomenon of sticking to the mold

Article source:https://www.zhenjiamachine.com/news//27.htmlClick on:257Time:2021-08-11

          The blister packaging machine uses high-frequency upper and lower poles to be welded together, so that the contact surface of the workpiece and the PVC molecules inside produce violent vibration and friction to generate heat to recombine, so as to achieve the purpose of welding or embossing. According to the blister packaging machine, the blister is processed. During the blister process, there is often a phenomenon that the blister shell will stick to the upper mold after the blister welding is completed.
We make the following analysis:


A. The blister sealed by high-frequency blister packaging machine can be roughly divided into two types: PVC blister and PET blister.

B. After confirming the molecular properties of the blister material, the relative parameters of the PVC blister and PET blister are completely different by heat welding on the blister packaging machine.



First, the heat welding analysis of PVC blister shells: the common blister shells are mostly made of PVC materials, which are mainly used for packaging of various electronic products, hardware tools, cosmetics and plastic toys, while the PVC blister shells are used for packaging of various electronic products, hardware tools, cosmetics and plastic toys. Generally, the thickness is about 40 filaments in a single layer, which is mainly determined according to the customer's product packaging requirements.

Second, after choosing the PVC blister shell, it needs to be heat-sealed and sealed on the high-frequency heat-sealing machine, and the blister-sealing mold needs to be heated on the working side of the high-frequency heat-sealing machine. Generally, if calculated according to a single layer of 40 filaments, the general temperature is adjusted to about 90 degrees. The thinner the PVC blister material, the lower the temperature required. The most important reason for the sticking of the blister is that the heat welding is adjusted. The temperature is too high. Therefore, when mold adhesion occurs, the temperature of the electric heating should be lowered accordingly.



The problem of sticking when welding PET blister sealing by high-frequency blister packaging machine is solved as follows:

  1. If the product needs to be trimmed during PET blister sealing and packaging, a high-frequency synchronous fusing machine should be used, the mold is used as a demolding process, and the equipment is operated by a pressurizing system to improve the quality of the appearance of the PET blister sealing.

2. In heat welding PET blister blister, it is necessary to determine the stability of the mold first, and the side with the pattern should be designed on the bottom mold when making high-frequency fusing molds, which can effectively reduce the adhesion of PET blister blister to the mold. .

       3. The upper mold can be installed with a spring for ordinary blister sealing.