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Principle Of High Frequency Equipment

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    The working principle of high frequency machine is to use high frequency wave higher than 100KHZ to work through, by the high frequency machine oscillating tube (also known as electron tube) self-excitation oscillator to generate electromagnetic field (also known as high frequency electromagnetic field), the processed object is pressed between the upper and lower electrodes with high frequency machine electromagnetic field,The internal molecules are stimulated and the high-speed movement oscillates with each other to generate heat and melt. Under the combination of the pressure of the machine and the mold, the plastic welding and embossing, bonding and so on are achieved, so that the things pressed out are beautiful and beautiful.High frequency machine is generally suitable for PVC or more than 30% PVC material products, embossing leather and so on.


High frequency machine model picture:



The working principle of high frequency machine is different from that of ordinary heater:

     The principle of high frequency machine is the same as the ordinary heating machine, which uses a kind of heat energy, but it is different from the heat energy used by the ordinary heating machine. The ordinary heating machine is fusing together by the upper die head or the lower die head slowly permeating heat, while the high frequency machine is fusing together by the instant heat energy.So if it is ordinary heat to press the product will cause the pressure of plastic products deformation, and high frequency machine because it is by instant heating and instant power cooling down, so the product is more beautiful than ordinary heating machine.


Image of high frequency machine used by high frequency machine:


       High frequency machine has several names in China, the mainland is usually called high frequency machine and high frequency thermal bonding machine, Hong Kong compatriots are usually called voltage machine, Taiwan compatriots called high frequency machine, in fact, is a machine just called different, high frequency machine working frequency between 27.12 to 40.68mhz, so it is called high frequency machine or high frequency machine,High frequency machine is widely used in the field of plastic welding. It can weld or fuse all kinds of products made of PVC, PET, TPU,PE and other high polymer environmental protection materials, such as blizer shell packaging sealing, single-side blizer and paperboard heat bonding, trademark embossing and embossing patterns of embossing and fusing of leather materials such as bags and shoes.

     There are mainly two kinds of high frequency machines used in industry, one is called high frequency machine plastic welding machine (namely this kind of our company production), which is applicable to a wide range of applications, it is mainly used in plastic, plastic packaging industry, such as:Blister shell sealing, PVC plastic blister sealing, PVC plastic blister welding, PVC plastic blister welding, ETG blister shell sealing, blister cardboard sealing, U disk packaging sealing, PVC blister welding, double-sided blister sealing, PVC double-sided blister sealing, double-sided cardboard blister sealing, cardboard blister sealing, plastic plastic thermal welding, etc.Embossed leather, warm water bag, silica gel powder puff, sponge powder puff, etc.


    The wave band produced by the high frequency machine oscillator conforms to the international industrial band standard, all kinds of special electronic circuit control device, this safe wave band can avoid improper operation, and can instantly weld products, improve product output.High frequency machine machine refers to the electromagnetic wave is higher than the frequency is greater than 100 KHZ, because of the high frequency electromagnetic wave machine more than 100 KHZ, so sometimes if the improper operation or not die, the cause of the material can cause the occasional sparks, there is a high voltage, high frequency machine machine non-specialists had better not open the case to check machine.


    Zhenjia brand high frequency machine is a manufacturer with more than ten years of high frequency experience, from procurement to production to after-sales, there are professional teams, if you do not understand the principle of high frequency machine or more consultation.